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Dyeing To Make a Difference: Support Anchal's First Kentucky-Made Collection

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Dyeing To Make a Difference: Support Anchal's First Kentucky-Made Collection

After changing the lives of over 200 artisans in India, Anchal is thrilled to bring our program and impact to women in Louisville, KY through the dyeScape project.

dyeScape is not only a natural dye garden, but a job opportunity. Upholding Anchal’s values of female empowerment through design, Anchal is providing survivors of exploitation in Louisville with training and job opportunities in natural dyeing and textile production. The dyescape gardens, located on previously vacant lots, grow flowers and plants with natural pigments that will dye Anchal’s first collection of locally crafted home goods and fashion accessories.

 The dyeScape project benefits are numerous, but we will be sharing the top areas of impact throughout the week on the blog. Collectively, dyeScape:

  • Gives women job opportunities
  • Promotes natural dye production in the U.S.
  • Creates investment and beauty on vacant properties in the community

Since the dyeScape’s initiation in 2014, Anchal has successfully cultivated natural dyes from urban gardens in the Portland neighborhood, serving as the resources for the project. In 2016, Anchal conducted a 6 session introductory workshop series for 6 women in the target community introduced to Anchal through the Center for Women and Families. The workshops covered topics on the history of dye plants, design composition, growing dye plants, dyeing with plants and sewing machine skills. Anchal will continue training workshops with 6 women and employing 2 women in 2017.

We’re eager to start creating our inaugural collection that will showcase both the talent of women in Louisville and the beauty of sustainable textiles. This hand-dyed collection will launch in the Fall, and we would love for you to be a part of it. 

A generous donor has agreed to match 100% of our funds if we reach $5,000 by June 30th. Your support is critical to replicating our impact in Louisville, we hope you will join us in designing change!

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