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Retailer Spotlight: LORE

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Retailer Spotlight: LORE

We take pride in finding the right partners to carry our artisan's pieces. Stores that represent our same values, have chosen to stock their shelves with Anchal products. We want to take the opportunity to introduce these amazing partners to our customers and Anchal family. This month, we talked to Jayna Aronovitch, designer and co-owner of Providence, RI based Lore.

Through exhibition and dialogue about process and character, Lore promotes and showcases the work of contemporary emerging artists and designers.

Lore storefront

What inspired you to open LORE?

A love of uncovering talented artists and designers and their practice.  Myself a photographer, and Co-founder Marge Hinge, a jewelry designer, kind of realized that we can pool our resources of amazing makers and put them all in one place; It was magical. A lot of our talent is even Rhode Island based.

What made you want to carry Anchal products?

This question is a no brainer! How could we not support any project that is at the core of women's empowerment. You know, as much as we (women) in the United States complain about current equal rights issues (and I definitely advocate for most of them), there are women who have way less opportunity in other countries. As a feminist, if I can contribute, in some small way, to the benefit of a female living in a place with out rights for them, you bet I will. Of course, the work of Anchal artisan is also breathtakingly beautiful!

Anchal product in Lore

What would you share with your customers about Anchal?

What I share with everybody, is that Anchal is an opportunity to learn. In being an advocate for Anchal, I have learned so much more about what this project does for people, and the difference it makes in lives. That makes me feel good!

What Anchal piece is your best seller?

Definitely the Square Scarf. It's classic and versatile piece because it can be worn or used in all different ways. We do pretty well with all size quilts too! 

Rack of Anchal Quilts

What is the one thing you really want to check off your bucket list?

I'm in the process of really building Lore to be a very interesting space. I call it a space because we're not just a store. We've always had the dream of making a place that not only houses designer goods and artwork, but has working space for these designers and artists. Additionally, we want to incorporate a gallery aspect where we can feature up and coming work we find, and maybe even one day having workshops and residencies. Sounds like a lot, haha, but something tells me i'm actually on the way to fulfilling these "bucket list" goals for a cool space! 

Learn more about Lore and read an interview they did with our own Co-founder and CEO, Colleen Clines, here.

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