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We recently posted an informational blog about social enterprises and how Anchal plays the roll of both a "socent" and a non-profit. Now we want to cover why everyone should support social enterprise and how they will benefit you and your community!
  1. The commercial activity of social enterprises is a strong revenue driver.
  2. 20 percent of Social Enterprises are generating impacts in the area of U.S. economic development; 16 percent are focused on workforce development; 12 percent are targeting energy and the environment; 11 percent are in education; and just 7 percent are working internationally.
  3. They address social concerns more efficiently than the government.
  4. They are more sustainable and creative than non-profits due to their ability to create revenue.
  5. Social enterprises are the perfect combination of the government, non-profits and business because it can bypass the shrinking government budget, employment opportunities and is sustainable on its own.
  6. By buying products from social enterprises you are helping the social enterprise meet their goals and helping the greater good.
  7. When even the most disengaged people of society buy from social enterprises, they are able to feel like they have a voice.
We hope this post has been both informational and enjoyable and has inspired you to shop social enterprises! Thank you for reading!

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