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5 Ways Anchal Combats HumanTrafficking

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5 Ways Anchal Combats HumanTrafficking
By presidential proclamation, January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. President Obama emphasized in his proclamation that "because modern-day slavery is a global tragedy, combating it requires international action."  In recognition of this important month of awareness and specifically today, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we are  highlighting 5 ways Anchal is currently combatting human trafficking.
  1. Creating full-time and sustainable employment. Not only does Anchal provide artisans with jobs, but we provide job skills training to help them grow and learn.

  2. Pay Fair Trade Wages. Creative opportunities is not enough, we must also provide these women with fair-trade and competitive wages so they are making enough money to deter them from returning to a previous lifestyle.

  3. Provide educational workshops. We truly believe the first step towards empowerment is through education. Anchal provides artisans with monthly educational workshops that improve their life outside of work and eventually prepare them for a life beyond Anchal's program.

  4. Building a sense of community. Many women that have been exploited are fearful and untrusting of others.  Anchal's program provides a safe community to learn and work where women can become mentors to one another and to their children.

  5. Bringing awareness to a global problem. We work to put names and faces to the epidemic of Human Trafficking to educate the population of the need for change.

Will join in the conversation today on #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay and help to #EndTrafficking?

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