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How to Support Your Local Non-Profit

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How to Support Your Local Non-Profit

Here at Anchal, we believe that financial support is invaluable. We have seen the difference sponsorship has made in the lives of so many of our artisans.  When you sponsor an achal artisan, you are providing one woman all of the benefits of our holistic program. This includes a fair living wage, job training, education workshops, sewing materials, and bi-annual health camps. Your donation not only helps change her life, but as well as her entire families lives.  We applaud all of those who purchase, donate, or support us with this mentality. Here’s a roundup of the top four reasons you should financially partner with nonprofits.

The Benefits of Your Support 

Giving Grows Empathy

Giving is not a nonsensical act. Being propelled to give is a reminder of the humanity that connects us all, regardless of socioeconomic class, race, and other predetermined barriers. It serves as a reminder that the community is truly our community. The best stories of giving, come with a face and a name-- and nonprofits are often the avenue through which these compelling stories can continue to emerge.

Giving Empowers the Community

Although community empowerment is not contingent upon monetary funds, it certainly is a necessary tool for many nonprofits to continue doing their good work. On a local level, many nonprofits ensure donations go directly towards individuals’ needs in the program. With the help of your support (whether financial, time-related, or talent-centered) our communities become more unique, driven, and united.

Giving Catalyzes Thankfulness

Stretching yourself to give and meet the needs of others, is a catalyst to thankfulness for your own resources. What we can sacrifice for the betterment of our community is small in comparison to the cost hope and joy offered to those directly impacted through nonprofit programs.

Giving Amplified Action

In a world where opinions and ideologies abound, actions speak volumes. The act of giving shatters any predisposition towards apathy, fear, or even confusion. Giving bridges the gap between the things we think and our real life responses. The resulting action is rooted in both mindfulness and active sacrifice. This kind of giving is bound to create a better tomorrow.

As many nonprofits look to expand programs, and exponentiate lives changed; find one you are interested in and donate today. For those local to louisville, we invite you to participate in local giving and support Anchal Project!

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