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Meet Your Didi: Maya

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Meet Your Didi: Maya
Born into poverty, Maya was never given the opportunity to attend school. Left with no education or the ability to read, Maya had little hope - until Anchal. Becoming an artisan in our holistic program has provided Maya with the consistent income she needs to provide for her family.  She dreams of building a better life for her husband and children and hopes to one day save enough money to buy her own home.


Now 31, Maya has been a part of the anchal program and family for 5 years. She dedicates herself to hard work and creating consistently beautiful, marketable pieces. We are proud to now call her a Senior Artisan and watch her relationships bloom with the other women. Maya loves the sense of community Anchal has given her and has found confidence she never knew she had.

Anchal artisan Maya and her son

Maya is resourceful in her work and has learned to find happiness in difficult circumstances.  

“My son was sad because I couldn’t get him new jeans for school. I felt bad and wondered what I could do.  So in the night I let them soak in (herb) and water. The next day they were bright and new and he loved them.”  

 Anchal artisan Maya
Anchal artisan Maya with Colleen Clines

Anchal artisan MayaMaya is very grateful for her customers and she wants to ask them to, “keep buying!”

You can contribute to Maya's sponsorship and donate here >>

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