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Anchal Project’s Didi Connection is a campaign for building a global sisterhood. By purchasing Anchal’s exclusive Didi scarves & Ekta totes, you are making a positive difference for women across the continents and the seas.



didi meaning sister - didi connection
how it works

Developed in collaboration with America Ferrera, the Didi Connection brings women across the globe together through textiles. When you purchase a one-of-a-kind Didi Connection piece, you are supporting your sister out of the sex trade in India.

Your purchase of a scarf or tote, also provides several other benefits, including –
– Education workshops,
– Design vocational training,
– Health care benefits, and
– Scholarship funding for children’s education
+ Confidence and Restoration of self worth.

It’s effectiveness stems from the realization that all women are sisters & that you can do something to change a fellow sister’s life today.


the collection

scarf-1didi scarves
Centerpieces of the Didi Connection, the infinity, straight, and square scarves are beautiful, yet simple reminders of support for your sister abroad. Wearing the scarf if a warm reminder of the intimate bond to an artisan. It also serves to inform and inspire other sisters to join in supporting women out of the sex trade in India. With the purchase of any Didi scarf, you become part of the sisterhood and join the united front of women hoping to make a positive change in an artisan’s life.




tote-1ekta totes
Recognizing the need to support women in the local community, as well as abroad, Anchal Project collaborated with Louisville-based Beaded Treasures Project, to create the Ekta tote. Named for the Hindi word unity, the Ekta tote helps to empower more women through one incredible product and provides Anchal a brand new opportunity to share & spread the global sisterhood, . With the sale of every tote, it provides Anchal artisans with money to support their families, training & health benefits, as well serves as an additional income stream for women from the Beaded Treasures Project.




Following her trip to visit sex workers in India with Nicholas Kristof, America was compelled to act. Throughout 2012, Anchal Project & America developed the Didi Connection program, the initial 600 piece collection would fund 15 artisans for an entire year. Launching in conjunction with the premiere of Kristof’s movie Half the Sky, within a matter of months, the collection sold out. What a great success! Only a few months of sales secured Anchal’s first 15 artisans for a year.

Now with 3 pieces in the Didi Connection & increased sales of Didi products, Anchal was able to expand the artisan program, growing from 15 women to over 100 artisans. In 2014, Anchal Project welcomed a new group of women into the sisterhood, Louisville-based Beaded Treasures Project. Together Anchal & Beaded Treasures collaborated on the new tote and in turn expanding the circle of sisterhood. You, Anchal, America, and Beaded Treasures unite to help encourage and support our sisters out of the sex trade.

Anchal artisans stitching with America Ferrera & New Light’s Urmi Basu during the filming of Half the Sky

america ferrera joins the didi connection

Often playing confident and powerful female roles in TV and films, off-screen America Ferrera is just as passionate about the issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Best known for her role as the fearless ‘Betty Suarez’ on ABC’s hit comedy Ugly Betty. This role earned America Ferrera an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. As a women’s rights activist, she traveled to India with Nicholas Kristof to film the PBS Documentary, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. During her trip, America visited New Light, one of Anchal Project’s NGO partners. It wasn’t long before sitting & sewing among Anchal’s artisans – admiring their beautiful products & admiring their strength to abandon the sex trade – that America was determined to represent them in a global campaign of encouragement, togetherness, and hope.


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