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Shop Social Enterprises

We recently posted an informational blog about social enterprises and how Anchal plays the roll of both a “socent” and a non-profit. Now we want to cover why everyone should support social enterprise and how they will benefit you and your community! The commercial activity of social enterprises is a strong revenue driver. 20 percent of […]


Bandanas Make A Comeback

From the retro style of the 50s to the biker chick vibes of the 90s, bandanas have been a statement accessory for years. Anchal is bringing them back! While we know we are not the only ones re-entering the land of bandanas, we think our Anchal bandanas go above and beyond any other summer accessory. Anchal […]


Slavery in the 21st Century

Slavery did not end with the abolition in 1865. Actually, with 28.9 million slaves worldwide there are more slaves today than ever. Of the 28.9 million slaves, 14 million are found in India. The term “modern slavery” refers to multiple forms of work that are forced by mental or physical threats. This includes forced labor, […]


Your Support Changes Lives

By taking part in our #AnchalSummer Giveaway you are not only entering for the chance to win a free Anchal quilt, you are helping better the lives of women in India! In honor of the giveaway we want to remind you how your support is changing the lives of Anchal artisans and their children. 1. Thanks to […]

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We’re celebrating summer with a giveaway!

Anchal’s Instagram Giveaway starts today!! Ready, set…POST! Celebrate your summer with Anchal! Enter for your chance to win a beautiful Anchal quilt by posting a photo of how you’re enjoying the summer with Anchal. Whether you’re jamming at a music festival, picnicking in the park, reading in your favorite nook, or just enjoying a lazy day — share your […]

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The Power of Selfies

Indian leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is taking steps in the right direction in terms of women equality in India and he is using selfies to do it. According to Times, Modi is asking that mothers and fathers post selfies with their daughters using the #SelfieWithDaughter in hopes that it will help celebrate women and […]


In case you missed it

June has been an exciting month full of surprises! Catch up on all of the latest Anchal news today. 1. We received sustained funding from Dining for Women for our newest initiative, Designing Colorful Change! This will allow us to train 135 women in harvesting and natural dye techniques in Ajmer, India.  Get the details of […]

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Thus Far With The Interns

We welcomed the 2015 Summer Interns into the Anchal office a little over a month ago and we love having them around! They have been busy with editing the annual report, writing blog posts, creating the dyescape website and much much more. This week we asked interns, Hannah, Lillie and Sarah, to each share one thing they […]

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What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an important term commonly used here at Anchal. It is an approach to problem solving that has allowed us to developed into the organization we are today and how we continue to expand and formulate new ideas. It is innovation at its finest. It is a collaboration. It is a process. Idris […]

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Anchal Awarded Prestigious Sustained Grant

We did it! We received sustained funding from Dining for Women for our newest initiative, Designing Colorful Change, which will allow us to train 135 women in harvesting and natural dye techniques in Ajmer, India! This award demonstrates our ability to successfully implement a grant as a featured program, maintain strong partnerships & scale our project. More importantly, […]