dyescape - part two

dyeScape – sustainable textile culture, part two

Fact #1: The textile industry is #1 polluter of freshwater on the planet. Fact #2: Less than  5% of our clothes are made in the United States today. These facts beg the question of how much do we know about the textile industry?  Moreover, how much do we know about the harmful methods that are […]

dyeScape rendering #1

dyeScape – Anchal’s Newest Project, Part one

dyeScape?  …. Yes, dyeScape, Anchal’s newest project! Throughout the week, we at Anchal will be presenting a mini-series on dyeScape. From a look at what the project is to addressing the current textile culture and finally a look at what this project means for the future, in Louisville, other cities & for Anchal’s artisans.   […]


Fun Friday – Our favorite tunes for Fall

What better way to ring in Fall than with some fresh tunes? Enjoy – Anchal Fall Favorites      

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‘fall’ into the season with Anchal

What better way to welcome the Fall season than with some fresh products? From square scarves to large quilts, Anchal’s shop is full of fall-forward styles! Shop now before your favorite, one-of-a-kind piece is gone. + Stay tuned for Anchal Staff Picks for the Fall & the debut of our tote bag! As the leaves […]


Anchal Insider Interview: Communications & Development Coordinator Tess O’Keefe

Like the rest of the Anchal team, Communications and Development Coordinator Tess O’Keefe has a passion for world travel. Find out more about her travels to Europe, China and Southeast Asia, from the trials of living in Hawai’i and Japan to her favorite keepsakes!   Q: What was your favorite book as a child? A: […]

Avani Singh - TED Ideas

you go girl

Only 17 & creating a world of difference for women in the slums of New Delhi. While most girls in high school focus on their coursework, or helping their families, or hanging out with friends – Avani Singh was more concerned about the women on the streets of her hometown. She thought – why couldn’t […]


farewell to summer

As we get ready for the looming fall season, we are reflecting on our summer fun. We want you to share your photos – How did you summer with Anchal? Was it tying a brightly square scarf upon your head or wrapping our infinity scarf to compliment your outfit?  Or was it snuggling up on […]

Video - Anchal Project Summer Roadshow

A beautiful end to the summer roadshow

Anchal Project’s Summer Roadshow = Great Success! From Louisville to Newport, thank you to everyone that came out to support Anchal Project.  We loved catching up with some of Anchal’s loyal fans, as well as make some new ones. Enjoy some of our favorite moments we captured along the way! Anchal Project’s Summer Roadshow 2014 […]


The #Anchalroadshow wrap-up

The #AnchalRoadshow hit the northeast the for the past two weeks completing three successful shows in Providence, Boston, and Newport. The first stop was Providence–an exciting opportunity for founder Colleen Clines and the Anchal team to return to the city where Anchal first started. As many of you know, Anchal was founded in 2010 as […]

Photo Credit: National Geographic

as the first leaves fall

With all the students heading back to school &  the tops of trees starting to turn the warm hues of yellow, red, and orange, Fall is  in the air. So how to say goodbye to summer & hello to fall with some spectacular Labor Day festivities. Is it catching a last-minute baseball game before the […]