In case you missed it

June has been an exciting month full of surprises! Catch up on all of the latest Anchal news today. 1. We received sustained funding from Dining for Women for our newest initiative, Designing Colorful Change! This will allow us to train 135 women in harvesting and natural dye techniques in Ajmer, India.  Get the details of […]

Lillie Intern

Thus Far With The Interns

We welcomed the 2015 Summer Interns into the Anchal office a little over a month ago and we love having them around! They have been busy with editing the annual report, writing blog posts, creating the dyescape website and much much more. This week we asked interns, Hannah, Lillie and Sarah, to each share one thing they […]

anchal design thinking

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an important term commonly used here at Anchal. It is an approach to problem solving that has allowed us to developed into the organization we are today and how we continue to expand and formulate new ideas. It is innovation at its finest. It is a collaboration. It is a process. Idris […]

anchal dining for women

Anchal Awarded Prestigious Sustained Grant

We did it! We received sustained funding from Dining for Women for our newest initiative, Designing Colorful Change, which will allow us to train 135 women in harvesting and natural dye techniques in Ajmer, India! This award demonstrates our ability to successfully implement a grant as a featured program, maintain strong partnerships & scale our project. More importantly, […]


Meet Mamta

Mamta is a 26-year-old artisan who has been with Anchal for five years. She works tirelessly to support her two small children and is saving her income from Anchal so that they can go to private school when they are old enough. When I asked Mamta if she attended school herself, she told me that she had […]


Educational Workshops: Entrepreneurship

Last month our educational workshop covered an exciting topic: entrepreneurship. The goal of the workshop was to enhance the women’s knowledge about potential opportunities and inspire them to use their skills to start small businesses and make smart investments, further elevating themselves and their families from poverty. We recruited two women from a local University […]

Father's Day Quilt

The Man Who Has ALMOST Everything

Are you stressing you out about Father’s Day? Does your dad seem to have everything? Quit your stressing and visit our online store to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. Our artisan made quilts and pillows make for a meaningful, socially conscious and cozy gift your dad will love. Give him a kiss, a hug and an “I […]

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dyeScape Update: It is Growing!

The center point of the dyeScape plan at 1655 Portland Avenue and 609 North 17th Street has completely transformed since we originally purchased the lot. The volunteer days that have been held have allowed us to to fill the first dyeScape garden with flowers, wooden troughs to hold the plants, and a recently completed shed. Some flowers that […]


Surviving does not equal living

As we wrote about a few weeks ago, interviewing the artisans was an extremely emotional, challenging process. In an effort to create a comfortable environment and very optimistically, a naturally flowing conversation, I started off with what I thought were the easy questions. I asked things like, “What is your favorite color?” “What kind of […]

Anchal Interns

Invasion of the Interns

The 2015 Summer interns have officially invaded the Anchal office and we couldn’t be happier! Since these women will be an integral part of our team for the next three months we ask that you join us in welcoming Hannah Scheller, Lillie Kmetz and Sarah Schank. Each intern will have a unique focus, ranging from digital […]