Be an Advocate

If you feel inspired by the work we are doing and want to get involved, become an Anchal Advocate. It is a fun and simple way to volunteer and support our cause.


who is an advocate?

An Anchal Advocate is an individual passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Driven by the desire to support women around the world, our Advocates make a significant impact and have fun inspiring others.

Our Advocates become Anchal representatives in their community by raising awareness about the dark and dangerous world of the sex trade and human trafficking, as well as spreading Anchal’s mission to design positive change.


what does an advocate do?

We’ve made it easy: once you have the Anchal Advocate Packet, you’ll be well equipped to spread the word, organize events, or raise funds for Anchal’s artisans. Plus you can have fun as you’re making a real difference.

Worried about time? The program was designed with a busy schedule in mind, the amount of time dedicated to your advocacy is up to you.


what is in the advocate packet?

In the starter kit:
• Advocate activity guidelines & directions
• Posters, postcards, stickers
• Recipe cards
• Invite templates
• Recommended book/movie list
And more!

In the booklet:
• Discover advocate perks
• Insider’s look into Anchal’s impact to date
• Information about sex trade and sex trafficking
• Learn how to fundraise for us
• FAQ and fact pages
And more!


what are some of the advocate activities?




for advocates ONLY

To express our appreciation, we also want to give you other perks for becoming an Anchal Advocate:

• A kantha swatch made by an artisan
• Anchal advocate button
• Automatic 10% discount on any one of our products
• Additional discounts and gifts when you raise funds
• Advocate Newsletter with sneak peeks of new products and exclusive updates from the Team
• 6 month updates with new event activities
• A special Birthday gift

Once you receive your kit and booklet, you can get started right away.


New Advocate Packet will be available August 1st.


If you have any questions about becoming an Anchal Advocate, we would be happy to chat with you, just e-mail us